I am about 5 seconds away from retracting all of the good things I have ever said about Cleveland and Dr. Remzi. You guys, my super surgeon who was fighting for me and cared about me as a patient has essentially dropped me on my ass.

Lets rewind. When I first started at CC last March I felt so good about Dr. Remzi. You can read my old entries, I thought he was the whip. When my surgery failed, I was so mad, and he called me said we’d do this together. That we were a team. Right around December of 2010 things started to change. It was a slow change so I didn’t really see it. Dr. Remzi is the chairman of the colorectal department for the Cleveland digestive disease clinic. Hes important, hes busy…hes officially too fucking busy. Hes become careless with his patients and his time. Hes always out doing some conference somewhere, which makes him not around for your post-op appointments. At CC before you go under at sugery, they do a “huddle”, which is where they all stand over you and talk about you, and the procedure before you’re asleep. This time..they put me to sleep before he came in. Then he came one day I was in the hospital and jet-setted off. I also have not seen him at ANY of my post op appointments, not even when I got readmitted to the hospital.

Ok I understand also that I am not his only patient…the fact that he has left multiple patients multiple times is infuriating. I have other friends who are Remzi’s current patients, who all have experienced his neglect. Not to mention Vicki has turned into an uber bitch. It seems like they have become too busy to practice good medicine. If you want to do conferences, and be the chairman, FINE…but stop taking new patients. I didn’t sign up to have your fellow be my doctor…I signed up to have you take care of me.

This brings us to today. My surgery was scheduled for 6/7. Then I got a call that it had to get changed to 6/6, because, you guessed it, Dr. Remzi was going out of town. Friday I got word that it had to be changed AGAIN because his flight was changed. Not only have they changed it on me two times (which is not uncommon I know a LOT of other people hes changed on) but he wont compromise on the time. I CANNOT do surgery the week after. Period. I have to be recovering for camp. He won’t do my surgery 4 days earlier and solve this problem. So here we are.

I’ve requested a new surgeon. Of course, Vicki has told me, Dr. Remzi prefers that I wait for him. BUT I HAVE WAITED FOR HIM. Not to mention, they also sprung on me that I might have to have ANOTHER surgery after my alleged takedown. I’m so fed up. I’m tired of feeling like i’m getting brushed off…like this isnt my life but just something he has to deal with.

I requested another surgeron…Vicki of course is handling that, but assured me that she can’t guarantee another doctor will do it. So to sum this up….she can’t guarantee me a date Remzi will do it…and can’t guarantee me someone else will do it….so basically I’m stuck here just waiting for whenever they feel like doing my surgery.

No. Eff That.

I have a date set with the other surgeon…but I’m meeting with someone here, locally next week. I’m tired of being pushed around. I’m tired of not having any control or say in what happens and when. I’m trying to regain control. Even if my plans all fall through, at least I feel like I’m trying. I’ve just taken everything Remzi said, never questioned it, because he was the almighty Dr. Remzi. I think he is a good surgeon. But I also think hes lost what makes him a great surgeon. He does not care how he’s impacting his patients lives anymore.

Ok rant over. I’ll keep you posted.