I met with a new surgeon yesterday. He was very nice and didn’t seem like he wanted to run away from my disaster case. He already had my files that I sent over from Cleveland and had actually reviewed them before I got there. We talked about why I want to leave Cleveland, and also my concerns about this whole narrowing issue that came up on my x-ray. Apparently when my jpouch got hooked in place, when it healed it narrowed. I personally was a-ok with having a small asshole, but I guess apparently its not ok. Vicki told me that they would put me surgery and decide then and there whether or not they would complete the take down…which doesn’t seem very proactive to me. The new surgeon, Dr. Wasvary, said that he wants to do a scope to look things over, check out the pouch and the narrowing, and dialate my butthole. He said this if the dialation stays that he would/could do my surgery on 6/6 just how I want. Why is this not an option at cleveland? Why is it a better option to put me through 2 more surgeries as opposed to clearing up the problem with a 15 minute outpatient procedure? Seems completely ridiculous to me. I already appreciate this man more. I explained to him my concerns with having my surgeon leave town the day of my surgery and he said that their practice doesn’t work like that and they “are there day and night to help their patients”. He wasn’t selling to me. He was just being real.

He was honest. He said that in a perfect world he’d would have the original surgeon finish the surgery, but that cases like mine happen and that isn’t always the option. Wasvery had some things to say about Remzi…he never came  out and agreed with what I was saying about his patient care, but I could tell he agreed. It was nice to have someone treat me like I wasn’t crazy.

Dr. Wasvary said that there is a chance that the dialation won’t stick and then we’ll have to make a plan from there. I told him about my goal date for surgery which is 6/6 and he said it was possible and they even put me in their books for that day so no one could take the time slot. I just felt understood there. I heard about this surgeon from a friend of mine who had him, and said she was really happy with him.

Have you guys ever switched surgeons? Thoughts?

Also…as if Cleveland wasn’t already a mess when it came to scheduling, they called me again, and said that Dr. Costideo could do my surgery on 6/6. BUT she will be catching a flight that day so, not only will I not have my surgeon but then I’ll get whover is on call for after care. To top that off…I would have to do preop a full week before hand which would involve another trip to cleveland. Again…all I do is schedule around them. I’m a little tired of it. I feel good about this new guy, but we will know tomorrow after he scopes me. Fingers crossed.