I saw Dr. Wasvary today, and we are officially 3 for 3 in the meeting/finger-in-butt ratio. He checked out the ole butt hole and good news…that sucker stayed open. WOOT WOOT. Sooooo…that means surgery on 6/6!!!! YES!!!

I’m so excited (and nervous but mostly excited [but still nervous])! That means my takedown is a week and half away. Holy bejesus. The thing is though…I’m doing this surgery here in Michigan, which means FAR less planning to get there. My parents don’t have to take time off work, and get hotel rooms and I don’t have to find someone to take care of my dogs!! This hospital is only 20 minutes away from my house. ZOMG…it seems so …dare I say, easy?

Tomorrow I’ll be writing my letter to Cleveland breaking up with them and telling them to fuck off, but with more pizazz. I’m hopeful. I really am. I am cautious, but hopeful.

Today it really hit me. In a week and a half, I won’t have my bag anymore. Wow. How weird. I don’t even remember life without the bag. Its been 14 months since I’ve had this thing…so much of my life revolves around it. Its just so weird to not have it anymore. I feel like we’re breaking up. I think about how I have ostomy supplies literally hidden all over my house because I don’t have enough storage. How my tooth brush holder, also holds a pair of scissors for emergency tape application. How I carry a large tool kit of all of my supplies in my purse at all times. Just think of all the other crap I could put in my purse in a week and a half! Or I could buy another tooth brush.

There is still that part of me that is too nervous to get my hopes up. I’m afraid in a week and a half I’ll look back on this post and feel stupid if I still have a bag because of a complication. I’m afraid I’ll want to kick myself in the ass for being so forward about my hopes. But…this is what I do. I lay it all out there, and sometimes I look like an ass to you guys because things don’t work. And sometimes, (it is rare) things work.

Lets hope this is one of those times.

You guys…