Hey ya’ll. Lets talk take down. Yesterday at 8am I went in for my take down with the new surgeon. Let me shower you with awesomeness that I’ve experienced here. As you know, I usually get PICC lines, and those are tough to do now too. But this time I skipped the hassle of a PICC and just hoped for the best with an IV. So in pre-op I was getting my IV, and they use lidocaine to numb the spot. THEY NUMBED THE IV! I’d never had that, and it was so fraakin awesome.

They I went into surgery, got knocked out and woke up without screaming. Woke up totally comfortable. Which is such an amazing change, these people actually listened to me. Then I got to my room, and the nurses were so nice about bringing me liquids and ice chips. I was getting IV dilaudid, benadry and toridol. Ā A lovely concoction. However, I still didn’t sleep well. I walked yesterday and around like 11am I was feelin awesome. No huge pain. Totally different than last time. TOTALLY different.

Not a ghost, just a marking to show the leakage.

This morning I was up super early just waiting on my pain meds. I got clear liquids, like jello and popsicles, which is better than nothing. They still haven’t taken the dressing off of my small incision so I don’t know what it looks like just yet. It hurts when I move, but its totally manageable.
The IV made my arm swell, which was no shock. Those things never last more than 2 days with me. So I had them shoot me up one last time and take it out.
We’re going to try oral pain meds, and stop the drip as long as we can! Hopefully no more IVs.

My boyfriends mom and family send me beautiful yellow flowers. They look so bright and happy. I was super pumped. Today the doctor’s nurse came in and just kept saying how good I look for being so close to my surgery date. I feel great. I’m just hoping this is a sign of good things…not potential future problems!

Basically once I get some food in me, and once I poop I can get outta here. I keep feeling for my bag. All of my habits that I’ve formed over the last 15 months are still there. I keep trying to push the poop down the back and just touch the filter on the top. Its really weird not having it. Its super weird. Oh also. I farted. OUT OF MY BUTT. So weird. Like…it was like I’ve never farted before. More updates/pictures to come later.


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