Here is what I have learned 1 week take down and how it has been going for me. You guys all read about those damn gas pains that I was having in the hospital, well they haven’t totally subsided yet but they are FAR better. No more puking. No nausea since the hospital.

I left the hospital not on any pain meds, but so far I have found that taking them is the only thing that makes the gas lessen. The problem with the gas is that if I just let it rip, I’ll probably poop myself. So there is some intense butt cheek squeezing.  Its slightly painful, mostly just uncomfortable. I haven’t found a connection yet to anything I eat. My incision is sore, but it doesn’t really hurt or anything.

I have been able to eat most things. I’ve been FAR less cautious this time compared to last surgeries. That may or may not come back to bite me.

So far I haven’t had any butt burn yet, I anticipate it will be coming. But thus far no problems with that. Most of the stool has been pretty liquidy so far, except today for the first time it was slightly more formed. I was just sitting there, and all of a sudden it was like, ohh..well thats different.

Pooping with a pouch is strange. I’m trying not to push or strain because I’m scared of a hernia. But gravity takes most of it. I was pretty lucky because I was kinda pooping a little before my surgery so I knew how it felt. It takes a lot of concentration to poop.  I have to really try to get my brain to open my butt muscles, but its more of just relaxing them. Pushing the stuff out is helpful, but right now I mostly just let it kinda fall out.

As for wiping, I mostly just blot. I don’t really wipe. I’ve also pretty much totally switched to those moist flushable wipes because they are easier on the butt. The dry paper gets a little rough. I also bought some medicated wipes that I think I’m gonna use every once in a while just to soothe the region.

But overall still doing well. I went to a concert last night, and walked all the way to my seat, sat there and stood the whole concert and didn’t have to use the bathroom until I got home. Thats a good few hours. I had some minimal discomfort when the gas pains were acting up, but over all, it was an enjoyable night. I still have some anxiety just waiting for it all to go bad, but so far, nothing has really gone bad. I still wear a pad at night just in case but I haven’t had any leakage in the last few days.

I think I pwned week one.