Dude…(I gotta stop starting entries with ‘dude’)

I went to my surgeon for a check up again today. I told him about how things are going and the things that are still frustrating. My only real problem these days is when I feel like I have to strain. He basically said that in moderation straining is actually kinda good with a pouch because it shows more control than if I was incontinent. He said hes not worried about it yet. He approved my immodium usage and said that he thinks my pouch is going to keep on working just fine! I’m so excited. Here’s the best part: HE CLEARED ME FOR FRUITS AND VEGGIES! He said to start slow, chew really well, and steam the crap outta them. But thats a big step. He said I still have to wait to workout, which sucks cause I feel fat again.

I mentioned to him that my hair has started falling out in clumps again in the last few weeks. I’m not worried because this happened before on steroids, but since im not on drugs, I was slightly worried. Since then I’ve talked to a lot of friends and they mentioned post surgery that many of them have had some loss too. Its more annoying than anything but he said that its just a common thing among IBD people. Which was actually comforting. I’ve had a lot of other GIs and doctors basically tell me I’m full of shit because IBD and hair loss are not related…ugh.

Weird, right? My nails are never pained...don't judge. I'm not very good at being a girl.

Also where my incision is, I had the skin heal up in a super weird way. Its a horizontal cut and on one side its perfectly fine, the other side got all weird and bumpy and somehow a piece of the skin healed in a loop. The skin is also mildly discolored and I’m constantly thinking it is going to fall off and die. He said it should be fine that are should also lay down more within the year, which would be good because it looks really stupid.

Check out my stomach corner. Sexy ain't it?

In addition, I have a corner on my stomach. Yea when you look at the ariel view, its all kinds of strange. From the top view you can see a corner sticking out and then another bump where the loop is. Of course, I’ve attached pictures because I’m here to make a fool out of myself for you.

Belly shapes!

The scar over all is weird, I mentioned that before. My belly button is all funkified now and looks like a sadface. There is this weird like bump below it which then dips below that and kinds looks like my belly button should be there? Then there is the loopdy doo and the corner? I am a geometric stomach wonder now.