Dude you guys, I have totally been a slacker ass on the bloggin of this whole jpouch bit. Heres the updates. Ok 4 weeks out, I still think I’m probably doing better than most just from what I hear from my other butt challenged friends. I still go about 5+ times a day, but I’ve figured out how to use immodium to help. My surgeon told me not to use immodium for a while, but I had a 2 day stint with a whole lot of liquid poo, and it resulted in about 2 weeks of serious dehydration. So I’ve been chuggin the gatorade, and taking the immodium really helped to slow things down and thicken it up.

I’ve had some milestones in the last few weeks. I went to the Zoo with my niece and we were there for 3 hours. I only pooped once and that was just because we were close to the bathroom, not because I had to. Yesterday I went swimming without worrying about my bag and if its gonna stick and all that jazz. I laid out in the sun for a few hours and literally never had to get up to use the bathroom. Its been pretty awesome on that front. Also I’ve been riding my motorcycle everywhere..no problems.

Howeva, its not all roses and unicorns. I still feel like I strain a lot. Its that old UC feeling of knowing I have to go and not being able to get anything out.  This is frustrating. I’ve had a few night leaks here and there but taking the immodium at night so far has helped me with that and has actually let me sleep almost a whole night. After 2 years, I am close to sleeping a full night again. I also have actually been sleeping in my bed instead of on the couch. A few months ago I put a bathroom upstairs in my house, and THANK GOD. I couldn’t have been up there right now without it. I feel like insurance shoulda covered that..it was a total medical necessity.

In other news….CAMP IS THIS WEEK! Holy hell you guys I am so gitty its out of control. I cannot wait to hang out with some 10 year olds and make a fool out of myself. I’ve needed the companionship I get at camp. Another one of my fellow counselors has had a really rough time, and we’re both seriously looking forward to having a great week, talking about our butts, and changing some lives. Our own very much included.

This is a lame update. More to come later.