I don’t even know how to start this entry. I’m still afraid I’m going to jinx myself somehow. Regardless, here is how things are going…


Here is the nitty gritty:

– I still poop about 5-7 times a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

– I try to remember to take immodium because it really helps make like a good poop. No liquid, less frequency, as close to solid as I’ll ever get.

– Still no real butt burn. I still use Calmoseptine sometimes just to soothe the area. It doesn’t really burn, but it does get some action and that stuff promotes healing so it is helpful.

-I buy super mega soft, fluffy, and aloe filled toilet paper but some days it is still a little too rough. I mostly only use wipes. I prefer the cottonelle ones in the green package because they are butt soothing. Again, its all about the soothing. They are also not textured, which I appreciate.

– If anything I would say that the butt gets a little sore sometimes. The wipes, the calmoseptine can help all of that. Even some of those witches hazel medicated pads help too. Though I bought those and never really used them.

– Still no more night leakage (fingers crossed).

– I worked out again today and ran a shorter distance and didn’t leak. Which was good. I will still wear a pad while working out though for a while, just in case.

– I waited the full 6-8 weeks to workout and I think that was a good choice. I did not wait to have sex. I was bangin’ probably around week 2, which I was afraid of. I thought for sure I’d poop all over my boyfriend, but alas there was no poop.

– I can still feel that my insides are sore sometimes. I only feel this when I’m riding my motorcycle, which I’d guess most of you don’t do. When I hit bumps I can feel it internally hurt. Its a reminder that I’m still healing, which is nice, because often I forget that I just had surgery because I feel so good.

– I’m still afraid of food a bit. I’m SLOWLY integrating veggies and fruits. I did poop out a banana pepper the other day that could have been rinsed off and ate again….just a reminder to chew better.

– Haven’t tried really spicy foods or popcorn yet. They are in the near future.

– I honestly feel really good. Really good. I don’t feel like I had surgery recently. I don’t feel like I’m recovering and I haven’t since I was sitting in a hospital bed. This recovery has been awesome and so far my jpouch has worked really well. I do baby it a little, but thats just because I want it to have the best chance it can.

– I’ve had a couple of alcoholic drinks only like 1-2 in a sitting and so far no real problems there either. Still taking it slow.

I kinda almost have a belly button again...kinda almost.

– Working out without the bag is really nice.

– Also I cannot believe I am going to do this. Ugh. But many of you know that steroids seriously screwed me up….big time. I gained all that weight SO fast and I got giant stretch marks because of it. Now with the way that my stomach has been gutted, any kind of shape/form to my stomach is impossible to achieve. Not to mention it looks very ugly. Internet, you are my friend so I will show this to you. But I’m really only showing you so you can see how the healing process of the take down is going. Please don’t puke on your keyboards.

– I don’t ever forget that I have a jpouch. I say jpouch verbally probably at least once a day. But I’m glad I have it.

– I still strain sometimes. I still get frustrated every now and again. But over all, I feel, dare I say, normal? I’m like Normal+. I feel like I can fit in with all the regular people but I have something special. I dunno perhaps my + is just that I’m a total weirdo.