Its time to take this sucker on the road. The jpouch, the boyfriend and I are flying out later tonight to the lovely and ridiculous lonestar state, where I will be meeting with another one of my favorite jpouchers. Some of you who read, may be familiar with Lizz.

This is Lizz.

Lizz and I have been internetz chatting over the last year and we are finally combining our ass-tastic powers.

The journey ahead involves a flight, a layover, a mini road trip to San Antonio and MANY roller coasters (the BF is a uber nerd for coasters). I figure this is a good test for how its going to hold up. Heres hoping that I don’t end up in some crazy Texan hospital where they do god only knows what. They will probably take their 6 shooter and just put me out of my misery. Who knows. I mean I don’t know how they can even see around those cowboy hats.

Any hoo…I am excited to eat tacos, buy cowboy boots, and hang out with a lady who has been a great source of support over the last year. Hopefully her husband and my boyfriend can handle all of the lady butt talk that is about to ensue.