Hey Ya’ll,

You like that, “ya’ll”, I picked that up in texas (a lie). So Texas was hot. Really mother effing hot. 107 degrees during the day, 90 degrees at night. Ew.


I met Lizz, and shes a rad chick. Totally rad. We’re kindred spirits meant to be joined in diseased ass heaven. We’ve hatched a top secret brain child, which I cannot disclose, however, it shall be super.


This is my 100th post. Wowsie. Throw a party.


Jpouch is rockin. Actually, lately I’ve realized how much it rocks. I have been able to do so much, and resume such a normal life post jpouch, and things are going so swimmingly…I almost feel like its all over. I suppose I shouldn’t think that outloud, but honestly. It feels so good to be a “normal” person again. I’m thankful. Sooo thankful. Hear that Karma Gods…I’M THANKFUL. In Texas we did a mini road trip from Dallas to San Antonio which like like 4.5 hours in the car…I didnt have to stop, there or back. BAM. Then we did theme parks for 2 days, never even had to use the bathroom. Crazy kinda.


My local chapter of the CCFA is up for some contest where they can win 10K. I don’t usually do this, but if you would just click 2 times, you can help them win by voting. Please Click here and help them out. Ok maybe that’s 3 clicks. Whatever, they are in 4th right now and I think they will win some moolah for getting at least third. Help them out, they need it.


Update Over.