This is what I get for bragging how great my pouch is!!  I think I am currently experiencing my first bout of pouchitis. It hasn’t been confirmed by a scope or exam, but I have been given Flagyl to help. Here’s how it all went down.

Wed – Woke up feeling like poop. Tired, dragging, sore throat, sniffles, mild pouch discomfort, mild urgency. Called Dr. Wasvary, and he said he didn’t think it was pouchitis but to check in again on Friday. Low grade fever of 99.4

Thurs – This were great. Fine. Wonderful. No issues.

Friday- Things were ok, but I ran around during the day a lot and by 5:00 or so I felt like poop again. Tired, serious butt pain, (couldn’t sit properly), increased urgency, and over all same symptoms and again…just so run down. Fever was now 101. I called the surgeon on call, and he said he couldn’t say for sure without an exam, but prescribed Flagyl, because the antibiotic can’t hurt even if it is not pouchitis.

Saturday (today) – Feelin like crap all day. Have now taken 2 pills of flagyl. Serious gas pains, serious stomach pains, sore troat, sniffles, fever at 99.6 and climbing.


So we’ll see what happens. Through all this, what I have realized is that surgery makes us all weenies. I’ve realized I havent had a real stomach ache since March 2010. This mild stomach ache, isn’t fun, but I know its not horrible. And it really makes me wonder, how the hell I did it before. How did we all do it? I know my stomach pains were BAD before my colectomy, and I had them all day, everyday. And at that time, I didn’t have any oxy, norco, ect. to take when it hurt. It just hurt and I learned to deal with it. So to those of you out there who have Crohn’s or still have UC….serious mad props to you, and a promise that things do get better with surgery..even during pouchitis.