Yes, that title is grammatically correctly. When I’m watching my 18 month old niece, there is often joint potty time. Mostly she hangs out with me when I need to use the potty. She comes on in, sits on her froggy shaped potty (even though she is still in diapers) and hangs out there and chit chats with me. She will point at hers and say, “D-lella Potty” (her name is Danniella), and then point me and say “Jackie Potty”. I haven’t decided if shes telling me that I am going potty, or if she really thinks that it belongs to me.

I was looking through some old family photos recently and I came across this gem... and it kinda hit me how using the potty is such a big deal for a child. They feel so accomplished, and the parents think its fantastic as well. Now, I don’t remember taking this picture, but I sure look awfully proud of myself.

Those were the days. Where using the potty brought joy, and often a reward of some kind. I didn’t hate that stupid little plastic potty. I was having a great time in that picture, clearly. POTTIES ARE AWESOME.

So I’ve decided to start a revolution. The Return to the Potty movement. As adults we say the toilet, the john, the can, and any other stupid word we can. We stop using “potty” because its a child term. We’re far too cool and advanced for that. Well, I gotta tell you, the kid in that picture (me) LOVES that potty. I say instead of hating our potties we should be glad we have indoor plumbing, we have potties that will flush 5 times in a row when we need them. We have a best friend (whether we like it or not) in our potties. I think we should start calling them potties. And with that…I want you to send me your pictures of you, as a child happy as can be on a potty. This is not child porn, don’t send me your naked pictures as a kid, or heck even as an adult. But I want pictures that can help us Return to the Potty. I’m done hating my toilet. I’m now loving my Potty.

p.s. I’m totally serious about this. Send me your pictures.