I’ve had the talk with a few other sickies about whether or not we need medical ID bracelets. I didn’t think so for a long time but then I kept having this flash into my mind:

A car accident. I’m still alive, but some how I have ass trauma. Ass trauma that requires them to shove something up my ass. Whatever they are shoving up my ass, hits my jpouch, rips it out of place, and then even my small intestine is so damaged and I can’t even have an ileostomy. Instead I have to like…poop right out of my throat or something. All of which coulda been solved by a simple medical ID bracelet.

So after a few horrifying moments of that scenario, I started my hunt to find a bracelet. A cool one. Not one that says “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” all over it. Not one that has stupid beads all over it. Not one that screams to the world how sick me and my ass are. When I was visiting Lizz she wore one that she found on etsy. I did a few google searches and sure enough, found all the ugly ones…and even some that were beyond worse. I’d rather shit out of my throat than wear those.

I finally found one on Etsy I liked. Not even liked…kinda loved. Loved so much that I’d like to buy more and put other cool crap on them. I bought this one.  The person who runs Risky Beads, (where I bought this on Etsy) has SO many choices for icons, and whether you want the font blacked out like I have, or not. The bracelet was like $16.95 or something. TOTALLY REASONABLE. I’d rather buy 5 of these, than one of those dangly stupid beaded life line help ones. Over all good purchase. I really like how it looks on, and that it doesn’t scream to the world I’m A DISASTROUS ASS MESS. You can put whatever you want on it. I chose to just put jpouch in hopes that in my disastrous car accident/ass trauma someone will know what they means. I didn’t really want to put anything with the word “anal” on my bracelet because I’d like to have a job again some day.