I have some big exciting news……but I can’t tell you yet. I’m a jerk, right?! I hate when people do that.

Let’s just say I’m hoping to change lives. Nbd.

With all that said I was chatting with my sister tonight about how she has started blogging. She’s a single mom, due to divorce by infidelity….not of her doing. She’s finally starting to reach out to other single moms and is seeing how amazing “Internet friends” can be. I was telling her how, before Camp Oasis, I didn’t know anyone with UC or a jpouch…or MS for that matter and how my Internet “family” saved me and my sanity. I can’t Imagine fighting these diseases in any other decade where I couldn’t log on and find all the support in the world.

That said…I really appreciate you guys. Even you, who never comments and hasn’t liked my Facebook page. Even you who thinks I whine too much. And even you who keeps focusing on my typos and grammatical errors.

I really do see so many of you out there as family, and you all have carried me through the toughest time of my life. I just hope I can give you all half as much as you’ve given me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.