I am so happy and proud to annouce that I am now a co-chair for YODAA, which is the Youth Ostomate and Diversion Alliance of America. A mouthful, right? I have been trying to be more active in the communities that I love to be apart of and when I was contacted by the  UOAA , through a series of phone calls, I got ahold of the current Chair of YODAA, and after a few conversations about what I thought I could bring to YODAA he’s decided to take me on as a partner.  I have so many great ideas for YODAA and I am SO freakin’ excited to be apart of something with a purpose.

So here’s what you should know about YODAA:

  • YODAA includes everyone from people with an ostomy, people who have had resections to jpouchers. I love that we can all have support under one umbrella.
  • YODAA is membership based, but get this, its FREE. Go to the website and join YODAA and you’ll get updates and enews from us.
  • YODAA has a great open group on facebook. There is an awesome community there who is open and willing to support you!
  • We are going to be working hard to create a great community for us. It would mean a great deal to me (and us) if you became apart of YODAA.
YODAA is exactly I have been looking for. Their  goals are right on par and I now have an enthusiastic, amazing co-chair to help me do what I’ve always wanted to do. Help IBD and ostomy patients!