OK guys here is the video from yesterday morning. The lighting sucks because it was dark outside, so I apologize. I posted pictures after the video of before and after shots. As of right now, I feel pretty damn good, which probably just due to Percoset. But here’s how it all went down. I got to the hospital, checked and went to the back to take vitals and change into a gown. The anesthesiologist came in and told me that it was his job to make sure I was comfortable. I told him how I’ve woken up screaming in pain before, and he said he wouldn’t let that happen. So before I did anything, they gave me an anti nausea patch (not sure why, I never get nauseous), and 2 percosets (weird). Then they did what was called a tap block. So they knocked me completly out for that, but I guess what happened is they stuck these giant needles above my hips area to help it stay numb for about 18 hours. And from then on I dont remember a damn thing. I was in the deepest sleep ever, I swear. No one could wake me up. Also since this was just one night in the hospital, the nurses were not coming in every 5 seconds to wake me up. AND there was no set time limit on pain meds. You know how usually (depending on the drug) you have to wait to get IV pain meds. Well if I just asked I got it, regardless of the time. Also they shot up me up with dilaudid and gave me two percosets when I was leaving. So I didn’t have to ween off the IV drugs. That was super weird.

Right now, I’m super sore. He did some lipo in my back and it feels like someone just punched me back. Its like have a really deep bruise. One that is so deep the color hasn’t risen to the skin yet. Also I have 2 drainage tubes, which are a pain in my ass. I think I’m going to be really happy with what I’m seeing. I can’t tell just yet because of the swelling, which can take up to 2 months to go down. But I’ll keep taking progress pics and what not. Until then, check out my embarrassing video below and some pictures after that. Also please don’t post mean things telling me I’m fat and my stomach is awful, its just mean. I never claimed to have a Victoria’s Secret model body, but I just want everyone who is curious to see what I’ve got going on. Its also really hard for me to post these, I’m tackling a huge self confidence hurdle here.