I am still super wicked sore, and it kinda hurts. Since I was cut open vertically 3 times it’s not unfamiliar but this time it goes all the way around to my back. I have to walk a little hunched over, which sucks, but I’m mostly just hanging out on the couch.

I haven’t pooped yet, so I called to see if that is an issue. I’m guessing since there weren’t nazi nurses forcing me to walk, that is why my bowel hasn’t woke up yet.

Also I have 2 JP drains hanging from me right now. Ive never had to take those home with me before. So I was changing the dressing around the drain tubes, and whatever moron taped these up the first time taped them in a way that I had to cut the gauze off…see where this is going? I cut a hole in the JP drain. fuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkk. So I MacGuyvered the tube back together so let’s hope it’s fixed until next Tuesday when I should be able to get one of them out.

Here’s a few more pictures. Ever time I look up old pictures I get super happy about the choice I made. The first picture is of the binder I have to wear for about two months. I wish we had these after bowel surgery, because they give a lot of support.


Here is a picture of my belly the morning of surgery. 20120105-161021.jpg

Here is a pic from today post op.20120105-161028.jpg