Two words for you. Learning curve. I anticipated being prepared for almost everything that a tummy tuck would bring after have 4 other abdominal surgeries. Honestly, for the most part I was right, however there were a few things that I wasn’t expecting and/or was an idiot about. That excruciating pain I was having yesterday is directly related to pooping. I’m on Percocet which causes constipation, and which I was chowing down for the first 2 days. Bad idea. Once I finally pooped, it was like a brand new world. I felt so much better, my pain was controlled, I was comfortable, it was a night and day difference. I took some milk of magnesia to help with that first poop and even then I had to sort of manually stimulate the butt hole to get it moving. Well…half way through today, I’ve realized I probably need to poop again, because I hear my mega stomach grumbles, feel more distended, and my pain threshold is lower. Problem…I still can’t seem to poop on my own. And I did some stupid late night eating last night and enjoyed a delicious peanut butter sandwich, which I am paying for now. Binding foods were a bad idea. So I just drank some more M of M and I’m hoping that will help me get things moving again. Its weird because I know it’s in there, but I can’t seem to get my asshole to open…is this constipation? Have I never experienced this before? Well it sucks. The biggest problem with this is when I feel this way I start to get nauseous and that my friends, blows ass.

When I’m not having the shit issue, I’m doing good. I have reduced my painkillers to help with the pooping, and because I don’t need as many. I can stand straight up almost all the time now, and getting up off the couch and sitting back down are relatively event free. From the suggestion of a friendly reader, I’ve decided to wear the binder consistently. I’m not wearing it now because with the poop and distention it gets really tight and uncomfortable. My belly still looks the same for the most part. It is as hard as a rock, and my back is less sore now and the bruising is starting to yellow.

Over all, I think I’m doing well. Taking the food a lot slower, which sucks because I’m a lot hungrier. I can sleep better due to the couch bed my mom helped me construct. I’ve just never had this poop issue before in the past, so I didn’t realize how complicated it can make things. Good news is for my next tummy tuck, I’ll be totally prepared…..right.