I went to the doctor and got one of my JP drains pulled today. I have had JP drains in the past and having drains pulled is one of the times in my life that I actually remember pain. I think its because drain pulling is one of those take your breath away pains. I was less than thrilled about going today, but more than happy to get one of these god forsaken things out. I was all nervous so I got all drugged up before hand, hoping it would help.

Previous JP drains

I really love this surgeon. He’s so friendly its almost nauseating, but he’s genuine. But I always wait like 45 minutes for him to come into the damn room. Its annoying. So as I’m waiting, my drugs start to hit and I get really tired and loopy which was nice I guess. He came in and admired my stomach and his work. Then he asked about the output of my drains, and decided to take out the short one. Thank god! Now I remember the last JP I had, they were like ok, take in a deep breath and let it out slowly and then they yanked out my insides, at least thats what it felt like. This time he didn’t tell me to breathe in. He just said ok this is going to sting for a minute, and then he pulled, slowly. And I was SHOCKED. Not in pain shock, but shocked at how little it hurt. Sure, there was a sting, but this drain was a different shape than my other JP drains. The picture shows what the others looked like, there was the tube that was on the outside of my body and then this HUGE piece that was on the inside. And right where it went under the skin it mushroomed out, which is why it was so painful when they removed it because it has to stretch the skin to get out.

JP drain for tummy tuck

Well..this time it was not the same. I saw the drain as it came out, and it didn’t mushroom. Sure it hurt a smidge but it didn’t look like that and it wasn’t as long. Granted I was on drugs, but I’m telling you it was different. In the picture on the left, only the white part was under the skin. The clear tubing was on the outside. It was amazing. So then he slathered some neosporin on the hold and some tape. He took the tape off my incision, which looks so much better than I was expecting. At first glance its scabbed and gross, but very small and it looks good. He re-taped it, and then I was pretty much on my way. I am far less worried about the drain removal next week. WIN!

He also told me that I could wear a cami under the binder to help with how itchy it is. So overall, good visit. Excited to go next week and get the other drain out and be done with it all!