You guys have been so great with all the well wishes and curiosity! Its officially been a week since my surgery and I did a quick video to show you how things are going. I finally got my butt off the couch today so now I feel all fevery and sick, which always happens to me when I try to do too much after surgery. So I’m all sniffly, and I look super greasy, but my skin has been really dry. Which again, after surgery my face always gets SO dry.

I’m ready to be healed. I’m bored. I’m tired of sitting on the couch. I constantly just keep thinking of all the other crap I could be doing instead of watching 2 full days of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. I’m not really in a lot of pain, its only when I wake up, and when I cough. I seem to be coughing a ton, which is super fantastic, its like my stomach goes from fine to excruciating in 2 coughs. Its horrible. As I said in the video, I’m so effing over these drains. They drive me nuts. I’m always getting them caught on something, or they are in the way, or whatever. All they do is piss me off. I think there is a chance that I’m slightly more irritable than usual. This binder is itchy as all get out, I’m constantly itching underneath it. So I’m slightly miserable, but in an ok way. Its not because I’m in pain or I’m unhappy with things, its just because I’m tired of being on my couch. I have been craving cookies for like 2 days and I can’t go get them. Its a travesty.

Also, I have been watching other tummy tuck videos on youtube, and I can’t help but think what wusses these girls are. Maybe we’re unique because we’ve had a million surgeries, but they are so whiney. One girl said she didn’t leave her bed for 12 days because she was in so much pain, and that she had to have to mom do everything for her. I take 1 percocet a day, and I have been home by myself since I got home. I always do it that way. I never have any help after surgery. Sometimes I think we are big weenies about things after surgery, but then I think when we have to do something big (like another surgery), we’re freaks of nature. I’d like to think that I have a higher than normal tolerance for pain, especially if that bitch didn’t move for 12 days. I’d go crazy.