A few weeks ago I got on email from someone at GoodBelly, which is a company that produces a line of probiotic drinks. In the IBD community and especially among jpouchers the topic of probiotics seems to always be in the hot seat. Some people take them and swear by them, other people really see no point in taking them. Because there is so much talk about probiotics, I had a chat with my surgeon last year, and even he said that he thinks the body creates as much as it needs. I’ve come to the conclusion that probiotics are one of those things that you see value in or you don’t.  I have been interested in the topic, but it always seemed so overwhelming to choose which probiotic, how much of it to take, and frankly how to pay for it. I know a lot of pouches swear by VLS3, but that stuff is expensive, and without any kind of guarantee at the end, its not a cost I’m willing to take on right now. So when GoodBelly contacted me and asked me to take their 12 day challenge, it seemed to take all the research and leg work out of probiotics for me. Why not? GoodBelly is sold at a few different grocery stores around America, including Kroger and Whole Foods. So today I went and bought 3 different kinds of GoodBelly and I’ll be drinking at least 8oz. of it for the next 12 days. As always, I’ll let you know how it goes with honesty. Today I tried the Mango flavor and it was pretty good. It tastes a lot like any other mango drink you’d get at the store, so there aren’t any funny flavors or anything. For having 20 billion cultures in an 8oz. shot you’d think there would be some kind of tastes, but nope, just mango. Also it isn’t thick and gross like Kefir, it just a normal juice.

The great news is that the good people at GoodBelly have offered to do a giveaway here on my blog to one of my readers, so you can take the 12 day challenge on their dollar. More details about that to come later.