Like I posted before, I was contacted by GoodBelly to take their 12 day challenge with their Probiotic drinks. Soo…’s how it went!

First I will say that GoodBelly has some delicious drinks. They taste just like any other fruit juice drink, and it was a nice little start to my day drinking some flavorful juices. The first couple days I was drinking it, I didn’t notice any differences. It wasn’t long after my tummy tuck and at this time I was having a hard time pooping anyway, so I was really hoping that GoodBelly could get me moving. Well after the first few days…it did. Not in a crazy way, but it definitely helped me to get back to my “normal”, whatever that is. This may be some TMI but it was also right around this time that I was starting my period, which for you jpouch girls you know that your pooping gets all crazy. GoodBelly helped that too. I kept a good normal poop schedule through all of this. Since my life has been SO busy since I started this job, I haven’t been able to get back to the store to buy more since my 12 day challenge ended…and I can honestly notice a difference. I feel like I strain more, and its slightly harder to empty. Could all of this be coincidence? Sure, of course. But I’d rather attribute it to some delicious GoodBelly. It will give me a good excuse to keep buying it. I think that if you’re like me and sitting on the fence with probiotics, GoodBelly is a good place to start. Its easy to find, not too expensive (plus there are coupons from their website), and it tastes good. Worst case scenario, if it doesn’t work for you, you got to drink some rad juice. I think I might try out some other probiotics, just to see how they work on my system, but over all I was pretty happy with GoodBelly. I’m actually going to try to hunt down some of their other products like the straight shots or probiotic powder.

So here’s the fun part. Do you want to take their 12 Day Challenge for free like I did? GoodBelly gave me 3 VIP vouchers for you to go try their challenge too….and also gave me the opportunity to do my first blog giveaway! YES!

So if you want to try GoodBelly make a comment here on the blog or on the facebook page with your favorite synonym for poop. The winner will be chosen at random, the comment is just your entry.

I’ll announce the winner on February 8th (next Wednesday).