So…I finally did it.

I have bought, designed, and made LIVE!

What does this mean for you? Well, nothing really, other than you have to type in a much shorter web address. However if you are one of my prized subscribers, it does mean (as far as I know), that you do have to resubscribe, and I really hope that you do.

This blog will still be live, I just won’t be actively updated it. All of the information, pictures, videos and everything are already live on the new site. So go check it out, and since I am a one woman army there might be mistakes. If you find anything off, or wrong in anyway, please let me know at That is changing too…..eventually.

If you don’t love the new layout/design, have no fear. Now that I have complete control over my blog, I anticipate frequent changes so be sure to check back often! Its been a wild ride so far, I hope you guys are on board for whatever comes next!

So go check it out…