When I was really sick and on all kinds of meds, and going through surgeries I lost a ton of hair. I remember crying in the shower everyday as I was wading in ankle high water because my hair had clogged the drain. I think I first started to lose my hair around the end of 2010, and I continued to lose it off and on for the next few years. It seems like right when it would stop falling out, I’d have another surgery, and then it would start falling out again. I know this is not uncommon, so for those of you out there, I feel your pain.

Well…its been over 7 months since my last surgery and I can successfully say I am done losing hair (at least for now). Instead of thinning hair, my new problem is growing hair. I now have a head full of tiny little 2inch hairs that want to stick straight up. It looks like I’ve been shocked by electricity. If you want to laugh at me, you can see it in some of my recent videos. I finally decided to combat my full head of alfalfa sprouts and go get some product to tame my unruly new mane. Because I’m cheap, I didn’t go buy some fancy schmancy hair product but instead I wandered up and down my local target beauty isle for about an hour agonizing over which product could help my hair.

At first I thought about anti-frizz, but I realized its not frizz, its legit hair. So instead I bought this spray gel from herbal essences. So far i will say that I think its working awesome. I tried hair spray in the past and that only temporarily worked but this gel seems to be doing it’s job.

So why did I share this with you? UC didn’t just effect my butt. I have dealt with it from my toes to the tips of my newly grown baby hairs. But, the new hair means I’m getting better. I also see in this improved problem solving skills and an acceptance for life as it comes. Instead of being all cranky about ridiculous looking hair, instead I’m stoked that I’m on the path to a full head of healthy hair again. After surgery there is a lot of pieces to pick up. For me, there were major things like my stomach and tummy tuck, but now I’m finally getting down to the nit picky stuff.

UC no longer has complete control over me. Instead of worrying about UC, I get to be annoyed at something so small as a single hair. Thats a pretty cool thing.

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