My pals at Wego, are having 30 day, 30 posts challenge for health activists. Considering I always find it difficult to find relevant topics to write about, I think I’m going to try their prompts (if I can keep up).

This week’s prompt is the Health Time Capsule, and if you’re anything like me you’re first thought was “What the fuck does that mean?”. I checked out their blog for some more info on the idea and what they were thinking when they wrote the prompt. After I read that, I felt a little less “WTF?” and a little more “How am I supposed to do this in a single blog post?”. So instead of letting myself get all overwhelmed and philosophical with this one, I’m just going to steal the questions right off their blog. I’m off to a booming start.

Will your time capsule be a physical box or a collection of writing or visuals compiled in a digital format?

Lets be real, you know my time capsule would be digital. I am the epitome of a millennial, from the 5 second attention span down to the obsessive texting. Hell, last week I had to do a WRITTEN exam. How do you even write the letter “Q”? Seriously, I thought my hand was going to fall off. Not only would my capsule be digital, but it would so dope that in 100 years people would still be impressed with all of my skilllzzz. Perhaps when you open the file, something explodes, and then there would be an interview with Michael Bay who is there to talk about the explosions, and to explain to people in the future how to handle the transformer infestation problem. Aw well, a girl can dream. Any way, most of my life is digital right now anyway. All of my writings, videos, and pictures are all meticulously stored in properly labeled folders on my hard drive. My time capsule is my computer and there is no way in hell I am burying this thing….unless it gets buried with me.

Where would you hide your time capsule?

I wouldn’t hide it. I’d just put serious encryption on it so no one could get into it, unless they were super smart. #HowNerdsHideThings

What is inside your capsule (memorable objects, photos, advice), and what stories do the contents tell?

For some reason this question is reminding me a lot of when I wanted to kill myself last year. Woa woa, calm down people. Here’s why. My time capsule is starting to look like what I’d want my legacy to resemble. The things I’d want people to remember about. The stories people might tell about me. I really thought about this a lot at that time last year. My time capusle would be a little mini Jackie museum. Like I said all of my photos, videos, and blogs are all stored here. I even sync my grocery lists to my computer and my iPhone so you guys could see what I bought last week. I store everything in here. If anyone wanted to know something about me, they could find it here. My thoughts, my ups and downs, are all stored on this hard drive. and more importantly my fat pictures.

Who do you hope will one day find your stories and what do you image they will think?

Lets be honest I will live forever on the internet, but if for some reason my iMac got buried with me, and then my grave was dug up for some new housing development and someone plugged it in…I think they would for sure think that this girl talked about her ass too much. People think that now. Rather I hope they think this. Jackie is/was a real person who lived through some horrible things and tried to make the best of it. She cared about people, tried to love everyone, and swore like a trucker. She was honest even when it was really hard, and struggled with the “easy” parts of life, and made the hard parts her bitch. Hell, I hope thats my obituary. I hope that everyone who knows me or “knows” me can see through all of my jokes and bullshit, and at least sees that.

Will your stories ever be on display or will they have a different purpose?

I’m pretty sure everything about me is already on display. I try to bring brilliant transparency to the stage. In truth internet, there is very little that I don’t tell you.
So what have I learned? I am creating my time capsule every time I log into my computer. Every email, blog, or tweet I write is filling this space leaving my records behind. But more importantly the most important parts of me, are already available to the world through my blog and the other virtual activities I take part in.