Some of you may know that I ride motorcycles. I have for years, and I really enjoy it. I’m not a girl who just sits on the back. I like to be in control.

When I tell other girls that I ride I often get a lot of questions. “Aren’t you afraid you’ll fall?” “Will you teach me?” “Have you crashed?” And so on.

The one that people seem to want to talk about the most is “Aren’t you afraid you’ll fall?” The only answer to this question is that I don’t think about it. I know many people who have crashed, gotten injured and even died from motorcycle accidents but when I’m riding I do not think about it. If I did, I wouldn’t ride. It’s as simple as that.

So why is this relevant….to anything?

I was pooping today and I looked down as I so often do and I saw skins from the grapes I was eating. I had my usual “I need to chew better” moment and then I started thinking I shouldn’t eat grapes. I shouldn’t eat nuts. I shouldn’t eat lettuce. I shouldn’t eat anything that could cause my jpouch problems.

It was at this time for whatever reason I realized that eating for me is like riding a motorcycle. I could scare myself out of eating certain things, but I don’t because I just don’t think about it. Instead of fretting over what to consume, I eat the same way that I ride. I am very careful, I am cautious and I take extra precautions. I know that I can only control what I eat to a certain extent and then the rest is “fate” or whatever. I can ride very responsibly, carefully, and cautiously, but if I encounter some asshole on the road, the only thing I can control is how I react in that situation. Sure, I may crash one day but it won’t be because I am uneducated about motorcycles or riding them.

Same goes for food. I am careful with what I eat and how I chew it. I make the right decisions for me, and if some day something decides it wants to be an asshole and get stuck in there, that is essentially out of my control. I refuse to not eat certain things anymore (or ride my bike) because I’m afraid of what could happen.

So there. Eating is like riding motorcycles. Next topic: Eating while riding motorcycles.

(I love analogies)