For some time now I have seen someone on Twitter under the handle @UC_Documentary. I have talked to them a few times about their project, and tried to help contribute as much as I could when they put out a call for info/pictures whatever. I didn’t know exactly what the documentary was going to be in its final form, but here it is.

It is the story of Liz Richardson and her struggle with UC and later what I am assuming is a jpouch? Or some other internal pouch. I’m not sure as she doesn’t say specifically what she has.

I thought this was a pretty good representation of the “average” story of someone who ends up on the path to surgery. I know I could relate with a lot of what she was saying. Its only about 14 minutes so its worth the few minutes to sit down and watch.

The only thing I am really unclear about is her usage of the word “colostomy”. I posted on their Youtube page with the question because I am unsure. If her colon was removed and her stoma was made from her small intestine (which is what I understood), than she would have had an ileostomy. Are things termed differently across the pond?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

What do you think of Liz’s story and the documentary?

Does this make anyone else want to do a documentary? It makes me wish I had film making friends.