I had this whole long post written about this Wego prompt, “you think you know, but you have no idea”. No, really, I did. But who wants to read about me going on and on after you’ve already read Jackie’s. (SPOILER ALERT: She talks about stomas and puppies in the same post. Freak.)

So open thread. Post your “you think you know, but you have no idea” stories below. Best one gets a digital high five. I’ll start with mine.


* * *

Anyone who has fought the good fight for any decent length of time knows you just come to accept that everyone around you thinks they’re a doctor, and that they’re going to tell you some magical thing to “cure” you. My father once read in the local newspaper that caraway seeds, like the kind you find in sausage, were some miracle help for irritable bowel syndrome. Funny huh? Despite the fact he couldn’t understand that I didn’t have IBS, I had IBD. He would try and try and try to sneak them on my food.

Maybe this is a good point out that seeds do not like me. In fact, they hate me. They make me sick. Violently. (Thanks Dad!)