Happy Birthday Pal

As you may know today marks 1 year that I have had my jpouch. You may know this because I have plastered it all over the interwebz today, and I did that because it is a BIG deal to me. Today doesn’t just mark 1 year since takedown, today marks 1 year without a single ER visit. 1 year without a hospital stay (minus tummy tuck surgery, that doesn’t count). 1 year that I didn’t spend more sick than healthy. For those of you who can relate….that is a big deal. When I look back on the last year, there isn’t really anything that stands out to me. AND HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! I don’t remember a particularly bad time, or a sad time, or a sick time. It was just a year. A regular ole year.

Aside from 1.5 instances of pouchitis, I have been happy and healthy for a full freaking year. 365 fraakin days. 52 weeks. 12 months. You get the idea. Holy mile stone! Today when I got to work I had this email from my mother waiting for me.

“I know that today is one year since surgery and I just wanted to acknowledge the milestone. You have come a long way baby! I know that I keep saying this, but you are amazing. The way that you have handled all that life has thrown at you in the past 3 years and the way you have come out on top is really something. I know that it has not been easy by any means, and they were times when the struggle was so difficult. But you are a fighter and have proven that you are a winner. You were correct last night when you stated that your life is not what you would have imagined 3 years ago. You are really someone important to a lot of people. Had this horrible disease not happened to you, there is no way you would have been the person you are today. There are some many people that look up to you and that look to you for help. The world is defiantly a better place with you here. I am honored to be a part of your life and especially proud to be your Mother. Keep up the good work!

Love you”

Today isn’t just about being 1 year post takedown, but today represents growth and accomplishment. It is a good day. Also I didn’t just get here on my own, I had a really awesome support network behind me. My family has lived this sickness with me and hopefully today we can all relax just a little and realize that right now I am ok. What a nice change of pace!

Also I just typed in “jpouch” to google and I am ranked number 4! Hell yes. Granted it is my old blog, but it leads people to the new one. And yesterday I hit a new record for pageviews. Awesome!