Love your blog! My Brother In Law has MS and I am hoping that you will inspire him to start up his own. Just wondering if you have tried getting pregnant since your J-Pouch surgery. I had mine 17 years ago (holy cow time flies). Or even what your Doctors had told you about the possibilities of getting pregnant? I just found out I have scar tissue in my Fallopian tubes and am wondering if it’s related to my surgery, seems like it easily could be.

Hey Amie,

Thanks for writing! I always love knowing I’m not talking to myself out there.

Does your BIL know about my other blog? TheMSBlog.com? I haven’t updated it in about an eternity, but for a while there I had some good info and posts and things. Blogging is so great for the soul. Also there are boat loads of GREAT MS blogs out there. Tell him to check out Brass and Ivory. A woman named Lisa runs that and she updates on hundreds of other MS bloggers. Its a good central place.

As for pregnancy….

I avoid that shit like the plague. Mostly cause I think its a plague. Babies are terrifying and not in my future. lol

BUT. I do know a lot on the topic. I do know MANY jpouchers who have had babies, both naturally and through IVF. I was told very clearly when I decided to have surgery that pregnancy could be an issue due to the scar tissue. For me I was all “hell yes, extra built in birth control”, but I do know some other women are less that thrilled about this. I know some women have to do IVF to help circumvent the scar tissue issue. Unfortunately I’m sure there are also other women who are simply not able to get pregnant post jpouch surgery.

I dont know the exact stats about pregnancies and jpouches, but I will say that I know a lot of women who do have kids post jpouch. I dont know any who were unable…but that might just mean they aren’t talking about it. I have a great, inspirational friend, who is currently carrying her second child right now. She has a jpouch and experienced many miscarriages. She has been using IVF, and now finally shes carrying her second child and feeling great. I think its a lot of uncharted territory, and potentially a lot of complications. BUT if your lady bits are screaming for a baby, I say you give it all you’ve got.

As for your tubes, I think its 100% related to your surgeries. I have another friend who has many issues in her pelvis due to scar tissue attaching to her lady garden. Remember when they put your jpouch in place they had to work around your uterus and other parts. For me, my uterus was tilted for a while because my jpouch was sitting right next to it and was swollen. Its easy to forget how close these parts are, and doctors don’t frequently talk about it.

So I know that wasn’t a ton of help, but it IS very possible to have a baby. It might be harder than for most people. It might take patience. But I think its worth trying if you really want to be a mom!