I’ve recently had a lot of people ask me what I think about Jack Osbourne getting diagnosed with MS. So here’s where I show you guys what a jerk I really am.

I’m glad that he got MS. Ok wait. Rewind. I’m not happy Jack Osbourne got MS. I honestly don’t wish MS or IBD or any other disease one anyone. Except Hitler. I wish an ass disease on him, for sure.

Anyway, what I’m saying is that I wish more celebrities had diseases like MS or IBD. I am inclined to think that statistically more of them have these things and just don’t disclose it to the public, which is their right, but frankly its not helping anyone else out.

I wish that more high profile people were public about diseases because thats where REAL awareness comes from. Those of us in these communities raise awareness all over on smaller scales. Runs/walks/local newspapers/ect. But when a high profile celebrity gets some kind of disease it makes global news. Jack’s MS was trending on twitter. And its not just the regular news, its entertainment news. This is the kind of thing that really does reach the masses. Jack’s diagnosis was everywhere from The Today Show to OK magazine and every blogger in between. Every time one of our causes can get press like that, it is a good thing.

And heres the real kicker. When famous people have diseases, it becomes important to them. What happens with things that are important to famous people? They raise money for it. Think Michael J. Fox. Seriously, how many people knew about Parkinson’s before him? More importantly, how much money has Marty McFly raised for Parkinsons? A TON. Celebrities have fundraising magical powers that the rest of us can’t even fathom.

So its wrong to wish diseases on people. But is it so wrong to wish that a few less of us “regular” people got them and a few more “people in high places” got them? Unfortunatly in a time where our society is fascinated by celebrities, they are the ones who are capable of real change. Once something gets on the celebrity radar, awesome things can happen. Look at Casey what’s his face from American Idol. I don’t watch that show, but he got famous there, and now look at the awesome things hes trying to do for Crohn’s? Look how many more people are learning about IBD because of him? Hell, I know who he is and he has IBD. Awareness is working. Its all about how far your reach goes and as “regular” people our reach only goes so far.

I will say that I think its brave and a little inspiring when celebrities are open about their medical conditions. I wish that those who were in hiding would realize how many people they could help by just telling their own stories.


As a side note: I saw some comment about Jack where someone said that he probably got MS from all of his drug use. I wanted to reach through my computer and rip that persons face off bath salt style. THIS is exactly the kind of ignorance we’re all working to prevent. THIS is why when famous people get a disease, it is an opportunity to teach the masses. I wish I could call Jack up on the phone and tell him everything I learned through my MS diagnosis. I think that my MS diagnosis was a lot scarier than IBD because that disease is 100% different person to person. Symptoms aren’t even the same, disease progression is unpredictable, and the possibility of complete disability is there and its a crap shoot if you”ll get hit with it or not. But what no one told me when I was first diagnosed is that there are people like me out there. Knock on wood. People who have little to no problems with MS. People whos life gets disrupted but not sent off course and who are still happy and mostly healthy even almost 6 years post diagnosis. Again…thats the kind of thing I want the world to know. Maybe Jack’s MS will be like mine, and now he can be a voice of hope for others who are newly diagnosed.


Update: Casey what’s his face has colitis, not Crohn’s. My bad, I should have known that because I have UC to. Keep workin on that awareness buddy. Not quite there yet!