Last night I did not have a good run. Rewind.

Last night I stopped over at my Grandparents house for a quick visit and I was like “Hey Grandpa, did you hear I ran a 1oK?” My Grandpa is in crazy good shape for being such an old dude. Hes in his 80’s and walks everywhere, eats right, and shovels my snow in the winter. He could give any 25 yr old a run for their money, I swear.

This is the same Grandpa who when I was younger, would comment on my weight and what I was eating… So when I prompted him with the 10K I totally thought he would be all “Yea I did. You’re so amazing, favorite granddaughter of mine”. Instead, he said “I was surprised your body could do it”.


So without pushing the topic anymore, I wondered, did he say that as a compliment, or an underhanded comment. I’m not sure. I decided to go with compliment.

Anyway, so I went for a run last night because I had the itch to go. That “I want to/need to run” feeling is new for me, and its kinda cool. It feels like its going to set you up for awesomeness. I was wrong.

Last night at 8:30 it was 88 degrees. I wanted to try to do about 4.5K which is what I did in similar conditions the other day. Well I screwed myself because I started out too fast. I was trying to measure/time something and I screwed myself up. So then I was frustrated and stopped to stretch a bit. Then I got cornered in a conversation about epilepsy and diet by some strange guy on the sidewalk. Well it was more of him talking at me, than a conversation.

So anyway I was frustration and kept going. I couldn’t find my pace. It was hot.

After what felt like a good distance, I turned on the home stretch to get home…and finally found my pace. Damn it. Instead of pushing it, I ran until I got home and just stopped. Once I found that pace, it felt good, but I knew if I lost it again I would have just gotten frustrated. To make it worse, when I got home, I realized I had only really run just over 2 miles. So I was disappointed.

Then I thought about what my Grandpa said. My body has been to hell and back. It was hot as hell outside. And I still ran 2 miles. Not to mention that MS is SERIOUSLY affected by the heat. There are organizations that give out cooling vests to MS patients because our brains just short out in the heat basically. I do this sometimes. If I’m out in the sun all day I just get to the point where I can really think straight or make decisions about anything. I also get crazy tired. When I first started working out, my body temperature was a serious problem, because it would get so high that I couldn’t really perform tasks correctly. So yea heat and MS = a problem.

It is almost as if the universe is working against me and my fitness goals. But you know what? Eff the universe. I’m gonna run a 1/2 marathon in December. At least that’s what I’m going to plan for. Diseased body or not, I’m going to try to do that. And you know what? I think I’m going to succeed.

So you know what Grandpa? I’m surprised my body can do this too. But it can. And so I will.

And on that note, Kayla here is my current playlist. I didn’t put the songs in this specific order for any reason, its just how they got added.

Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
Ocean Avenue – Yellow Card
Harder To breathe – Maroon 5
This Love – Maroon 5
Life of a Sales man – Yellow Card
ET – Kay Perry/Kanye
Comeback Kid – Sleigh Bells
Fighter – Christina Aguilera
Independent – Lil Boosie
Bulls on Parade – Rage Against the Machine
Go your own way – Fleetwood Mac
Way Away – Yellow Card
Breathing – Yellow Card
Dance With Me – 112
TwentyThree- Yellow Card
Pressing on- Reliant K
Fixed At Zero – Versamerge
Miles Apart – Yellow Card
Who I am hates who I’ve been – Reliant K
Let me see your hips swing – Savage