It is 9:00pm on a Saturday night of a holiday weekend and I’m home blogging. Why? Mostly because I miss you guys. I feel like BPT has become my neglected little step child in the last few weeks. I haven’t had enough time to put anything worth reading out there, and let me tell you….the numbers show. 😦

So since I don’t have anything really insightful today, I wanted to tell you guys about my day. It was a pretty solid day. I did a lot of fun stuff but honestly my jpouch was a rockstar. I freaking love that thing.

Part of the TC Michigan team

Today was my first day of training with my Team Challenge team. We did a 4 mile run which is longer than I usually go just for my “fun runs” when I do them. I had a hard time getting in the groove and a frankly I didn’t actually want to run today. I woke up at 6:30am to drive an hour to go run with people I didn’t know. Early this morning, that sounded like an awful idea. But I got up, packed up all my crap and road my motorcycle to training. It was a nice, quiet ride with minimal traffic and I was pretty calmed down when I got there. We got there, and did the run which I didn’t do very well. It just wasn’t an “on” day for me. But I did it, and like always, I was happy I did it when it was over.

Lake St. Clair in Michigan. Be jealous.

So I left training, hopped on my bike and road another 20 minutes to the east side of Michigan and went out on the lake for a few hours. I ate a piece of pizza before we got on the boat and never even thought about how or when that would need to come out. Headed out there, hung out, met some friends, had a couple drinks and before I knew it, it was time to head back in. Still didn’t have to use the bathroom! So after we got back to the house, I finally went.

Ponchos. Om nom nom nom.
But then I dove straight to the best Mexican food on the planet. Oh.em.gee. you guys. Delicious. And the mexican came out a little sooner than the pizza did, but it was totally reasonable. Then…I swapped motorcycles with a friend and headed an hour back home. Again…no pouch problems.

So today…I rode my bike for about 2.5 hours. I ran 4 miles. I spent 5 hours out on the lake. I drank alcohol. I ate pizza and mexican. And most importantly, I used the bathroom a few times, when I wanted to.

Disclaimer: I swear I don’t normally eat shitty food and drink all in the same day. 🙂

It was a good day. Thanks jpouch.