I’ll admit that I am a glutton for trashy TV. I have been a real world die hard fan for a long time. Don’t judge me.

In truth I only actually respect a few people from those shows, not that I actually know anything about them. One of my favorite cast members has always been Diem Brown. You may remember her…shes the crazy beautiful blond, who dated the super hot CT, but also more importantly publically battled ovarian cancer. Like many other people watching the challenges, I remember very vividly the challenge where Diem ripped off her blonde wig in frustration and showed her freshly growing dark hair. A clear sign of the aftermath of chemo. This was many years before I ever got sick but I just remember thinking, that girl had balls.

Today I stumbled on People.com and there was Diem…talking about how she’s got ovarian cancer…again.

The article I read was by Diem, about her night at the Stand Up to Cancer event. She was talking about how steroids affect what she wears and how her current and future hair loss were of concern.

Check and Check.

I know..I never had cancer. But I was on chemo drugs. I lost my hair. I was on steroids. I really related to her. But here is what I loved the most.
She embraced it. Instead of shaving her head all at once, she shaved one side and etched the word “fight” into her head. She colored the tips of her remaining hair. She wore clothes she’s normally not comfortable in. She was kicking cancer in the face. She took control. I loved that.


I’d like to think that if I had to face IBD again…in some way, like if my jpouch failed, that I’d find a way to kick it in the face. I’d like to be able to channel my inner Diem and control the things I can with a great attitude. I hope that I could practice what I preach.

Diem also started MedGift, which is, in essence, a gift registry for sick people.

I think that Diem is a great example of someone who was dealt a pretty crappy hand but has turned it around and made her illness the catalyst to empowering herself..and helping others. Which, sounds an awful lot like someone I know.