We’re fast approaching cold season. Stay home from work/school season. Stupid winter season.

Today I had the mother of all headaches, dare I say a migraine. I decided to stay home from work and school today which sucked major ball because I had a lot to get done today. And since everything bothered me…sound, light, food…I just sat on the couch in silence wishing I could sleep or watch TV or the I could disconnect my head from my body and throw it in a closet or something.

So this got me thinking…have I forgotten how to be sick? I used to be so good at sick. I knew exactly how to spend my time being sick. I knew the best TV shows, and food to eat and times to drive and everything. Now I’m stuck.

So I decided to compile of list of things to do when you’re sick.

1. Online gamble. Perhaps this isn’t the best choice ever, but you don’t need any friends and there is the possibility of getting loaded and then you can buy more fun when you’re sick.

2. Rewatch a TV series in its entirety from your youth. For me, its been Dawson’s Creek, but I would gladly add The Wonder Years, Home Improvement and Salute Your Shorts to this list. Not only is it brainless and entertaining, but it literally reminds me of a time when life was so carefree.

3. Get a chair hobby. This is my fancy term for fun stuff you can do on your ass. Crochet, Knit, Quilt…all hobbies popular among ladies in their 70s. Hell go visit your grandma and have her teach you. My grandma is a wealth of knowledge for this stuff. Come over and I’ll have my grandma teach you.

4. Blog. ’nuff said.

5. Cuddle Puppies. If you don’t have a puppy, don’t cuddle a cat its not the same. Go buy a puppy.

6. Read a book. or 10. Pick a book series and crank them out. I miss being able to read like I did during my really sick days.

7. Get really good at something. Maybe its painting your nails, or making models, or counting ceiling titles or something. I dunno.

8. …

I’m out of ideas. See I told you, I have forgotten how to be sick. And right now, sick sucks.

What do you guys do when you’re sick?