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Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck Update – 3 months

Tummy Tuck Week 7 Update

It feels like these updates are getting old, but I can tell that things are changing. I wish that the videos showed the progress better. But in this video I show how things are healing and talk about how this surgery boosted my confidence.

Tummy Tuck Update Week #4

This video is fantastically quick and uninformative. I’ll do a better actual update later, but I know you all were losing sleep over how my stomach looks. So here you go. Go take a nap.

Tummy tuck 2 weeks later

I finally got my drain out! Tape is off! I’m a real person again! Check out the video below. The beginning is glitchy for whatever reason but stick it out it clears up in a few seconds. Also, my dogs just tore up a bunch of paper and stuff in the background, I swear I don’t live like a heathen.

1 down, 1 to go

I went to the doctor and got one of my JP drains pulled today. I have had JP drains in the past and having drains pulled is one of the times in my life that I actually remember pain. I think its because drain pulling is one of those take your breath away pains. I was less than thrilled about going today, but more than happy to get one of these god forsaken things out. I was all nervous so I got all drugged up before hand, hoping it would help.

Previous JP drains

I really love this surgeon. He’s so friendly its almost nauseating, but he’s genuine. But I always wait like 45 minutes for him to come into the damn room. Its annoying. So as I’m waiting, my drugs start to hit and I get really tired and loopy which was nice I guess. He came in and admired my stomach and his work. Then he asked about the output of my drains, and decided to take out the short one. Thank god! Now I remember the last JP I had, they were like ok, take in a deep breath and let it out slowly and then they yanked out my insides, at least thats what it felt like. This time he didn’t tell me to breathe in. He just said ok this is going to sting for a minute, and then he pulled, slowly. And I was SHOCKED. Not in pain shock, but shocked at how little it hurt. Sure, there was a sting, but this drain was a different shape than my other JP drains. The picture shows what the others looked like, there was the tube that was on the outside of my body and then this HUGE piece that was on the inside. And right where it went under the skin it mushroomed out, which is why it was so painful when they removed it because it has to stretch the skin to get out.

JP drain for tummy tuck

Well..this time it was not the same. I saw the drain as it came out, and it didn’t mushroom. Sure it hurt a smidge but it didn’t look like that and it wasn’t as long. Granted I was on drugs, but I’m telling you it was different. In the picture on the left, only the white part was under the skin. The clear tubing was on the outside. It was amazing. So then he slathered some neosporin on the hold and some tape. He took the tape off my incision, which looks so much better than I was expecting. At first glance its scabbed and gross, but very small and it looks good. He re-taped it, and then I was pretty much on my way. I am far less worried about the drain removal next week. WIN!

He also told me that I could wear a cami under the binder to help with how itchy it is. So overall, good visit. Excited to go next week and get the other drain out and be done with it all!


Day #7 post tummy tuck

You guys have been so great with all the well wishes and curiosity! Its officially been a week since my surgery and I did a quick video to show you how things are going. I finally got my butt off the couch today so now I feel all fevery and sick, which always happens to me when I try to do too much after surgery. So I’m all sniffly, and I look super greasy, but my skin has been really dry. Which again, after surgery my face always gets SO dry.

I’m ready to be healed. I’m bored. I’m tired of sitting on the couch. I constantly just keep thinking of all the other crap I could be doing instead of watching 2 full days of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. I’m not really in a lot of pain, its only when I wake up, and when I cough. I seem to be coughing a ton, which is super fantastic, its like my stomach goes from fine to excruciating in 2 coughs. Its horrible. As I said in the video, I’m so effing over these drains. They drive me nuts. I’m always getting them caught on something, or they are in the way, or whatever. All they do is piss me off. I think there is a chance that I’m slightly more irritable than usual. This binder is itchy as all get out, I’m constantly itching underneath it. So I’m slightly miserable, but in an ok way. Its not because I’m in pain or I’m unhappy with things, its just because I’m tired of being on my couch. I have been craving cookies for like 2 days and I can’t go get them. Its a travesty.

Also, I have been watching other tummy tuck videos on youtube, and I can’t help but think what wusses these girls are. Maybe we’re unique because we’ve had a million surgeries, but they are so whiney. One girl said she didn’t leave her bed for 12 days because she was in so much pain, and that she had to have to mom do everything for her. I take 1 percocet a day, and I have been home by myself since I got home. I always do it that way. I never have any help after surgery. Sometimes I think we are big weenies about things after surgery, but then I think when we have to do something big (like another surgery), we’re freaks of nature. I’d like to think that I have a higher than normal tolerance for pain, especially if that bitch didn’t move for 12 days. I’d go crazy.





Day #4 post tummy tuck

Two words for you. Learning curve. I anticipated being prepared for almost everything that a tummy tuck would bring after have 4 other abdominal surgeries. Honestly, for the most part I was right, however there were a few things that I wasn’t expecting and/or was an idiot about. That excruciating pain I was having yesterday is directly related to pooping. I’m on Percocet which causes constipation, and which I was chowing down for the first 2 days. Bad idea. Once I finally pooped, it was like a brand new world. I felt so much better, my pain was controlled, I was comfortable, it was a night and day difference. I took some milk of magnesia to help with that first poop and even then I had to sort of manually stimulate the butt hole to get it moving. Well…half way through today, I’ve realized I probably need to poop again, because I hear my mega stomach grumbles, feel more distended, and my pain threshold is lower. Problem…I still can’t seem to poop on my own. And I did some stupid late night eating last night and enjoyed a delicious peanut butter sandwich, which I am paying for now. Binding foods were a bad idea. So I just drank some more M of M and I’m hoping that will help me get things moving again. Its weird because I know it’s in there, but I can’t seem to get my asshole to open…is this constipation? Have I never experienced this before? Well it sucks. The biggest problem with this is when I feel this way I start to get nauseous and that my friends, blows ass.

When I’m not having the shit issue, I’m doing good. I have reduced my painkillers to help with the pooping, and because I don’t need as many. I can stand straight up almost all the time now, and getting up off the couch and sitting back down are relatively event free. From the suggestion of a friendly reader, I’ve decided to wear the binder consistently. I’m not wearing it now because with the poop and distention it gets really tight and uncomfortable. My belly still looks the same for the most part. It is as hard as a rock, and my back is less sore now and the bruising is starting to yellow.

Over all, I think I’m doing well. Taking the food a lot slower, which sucks because I’m a lot hungrier. I can sleep better due to the couch bed my mom helped me construct. I’ve just never had this poop issue before in the past, so I didn’t realize how complicated it can make things. Good news is for my next tummy tuck, I’ll be totally prepared…..right.

Day #3 post tummy tuck

Today, I hate everyone who told me to do this. What fresh hell is this? I realized that for bowel surgeries on day three I’m normally floating away on dilaudid. This makes having my colon removed look like a cake walk.

I have been coughing up phlegm since surgery (sexy, huh) and those deep repetitive coughs just result in pain. Then I puked this morning which felt like i had little butterflies fluttering across my belly. No. That’s a lie. It felt like I was trying to cough my small intestine out of my mouth uncontrollably. And now that I have had a tummy tuck, I consider my self an expert, I have diagnosed myself with extra swelling from the coughing/puking. So this means that the fancy binder I’m supposed to wear, is borderline painful. So I put it on for a while and take short breaks with it off. My doc said this morning when I called him, that it’s just for support, but I still want to wear it as much as I can.

The pain is slightly out of control. I have percocets but since I couldn’t poop, I wasnt taking as many. Well that has resulted in good ol’ fashioned pain. I would imagine this is what natural childbirth feels like except only if you were birthing an infant elephant. And it’s not vag pain, it’s in the belly region. I can’t seem to get comfortable so that’s annoying. So I kinda just sit here, in pain, hoping someone will comment on my Facebook page so I can work on not punching myself in the face.

All you ladies who were interested in this procedure I’m not telling you to skip it. I am telling you that what was once a perk, (1 night in the hospital) is now a little mini personal nightmare. So I guess just be prepared for that. Also don’t puke, ever. And when you drop milk of magnesium on your bathroom floor, call your mom to come pick it up. She’s more than happen to drive 45 min to help.

Tummy Tuck Morning

So in true fashion, I’ve taped a video this morning and its only going to take 188 minutes to upload it……

Considering I have to leave in 30 minutes I’m pretty sure its not going to be done in time. So in the mean time, I’m just gonna finish getting ready and tell you I’ll post all the gross pictures and the video tomorrow or Thursday.

Thanks again for your support.


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