Hey Internet. I’d like to update you on a few things in my life. Cause you know…that’s what I do.

The boyfriend thing is complicated. Turns out, far more complicated than I ever imagined it would be. I’m doing ok. You guys have had a lot of kind words. Someone even suggested a book that I should read to help me with the breakup, which was really nice until the comment ended with “This is an FYI in case you don’t have a new boyfriend yet.” So I’ll take that as a compliment instead of an underhanded comment that I’m some sort of a boyfriend hopping trollop.

Jackie 5K Blood Poop TearsAnyway. I also have AWESOME news to share with you guys. Last weekend…I ran my first 5K. Check that sucker of the bucket list. And here’s the most awesomest part. I really liked it. It was empowering while running, and I felt really accomplished when I was finished. So…I’ve signed up for another one in a week. Haha. My super awesome friend Lauren, from Forward is a Pace, is coming into town and is going to run with me. I’m really excited about that.

Since I’ve decided that I like doing the races, I’ve also decided that I’m going to start training harder and as a bonus I might lose the last 10 or so lbs I’m working towards. Part of that means, eating right. Which is what this whole blog post was supposed to be about.

When I was all crazy lady working out/eating last year, and I lost a bunch of weight, I had my ostomy. One of the most backwards things about weight loss is that often you have to eat much more than you’re used to in order to help your body kick start itself. But you’re eating better foods. Anyway, so I was eating A LOT back then and since I had my ostomy, it wasn’t a problem that I had a lot of output because it was manageable. Also I was eating a lot of healthy foods like fruits/veggies and things that actually helped to slow the output. Overall…ostomy and training was no problem.

Well..now that I have my jpouch I’m finding it hard to eat enough. I think people with IBD (or at least me) tend to eat less than the average bear. Its not that I do it consciously but I realize that often times I go a whole day and eat very little. Now that I’m really trying to eat a significant amount, I realize I’m full quickly and I’m also afraid I’ll just be pooping all the time.

So after consulting my trainer Todd, and Charis, I think I’m going to replace one or two of my meals a day with protein shakes. So its less food to process but still a bunch of crap to fuel my machine. So we’re going to give that a go for a while and see how my pouch likes it. I think I’m just most afraid of upsetting my pouch because it works so well now. Don’t fix what isn’t broke, amIright?

Also Charis, Sara and I just started our talks about planning our first Girls With Guts gathering. :::EXCITED:::: So if you’re interested in attending this, please fill out this form so we can get an idea of where people want to go, and when! Thanks in advance!!