I often try to write about great inspirational IBD people that I know personally or that I find on the interwebz. This whole concept is what eventually lead to the launch of Girls With Guts. A few days ago a friend of mine sent me an article about a girl with Crohn’s (THIS LINK IS NSFW) and let me tell you…she totally wins for most interesting. Reading this article about her was totally humbling. Right when we all start to think that we’ve had it rough, someone like this girl comes along and smacks us all back into reality. I will say that I have not tracked her down and spoken to her personally, but I would like to.

So I want to introduce you guys to Sally. She’s a “cam girl”, which means she works as a webcam stripper. As in internet porn just so we’re clear.

So what? Shes a cam girl, big deal, right?

Oh no. That is not all there is to this story. Not even close.

Sally has an ostomy. She’s has no vagina. She’s also had a double mastectomy.

Do I have your attention now?!

In the interview with Sally, she says that she was diagnosed with Crohn’s when she was 14 and got her colostomy in 2006. She like many of us, had hoped for a temporary ostomy but unfortunately for her that wasn’t the case. She then goes on to talk about how inflammation from her Crohn’s had manifested in her vagina causing it to swell. So she has to have it removed. This procedure is called a vulvectomy. Sally has had a total of 6 surgeries in her nether region. Holy crap.

Just last year, Sally got her nipples pierced and was also on heroin at the time. Due to some complications she asked her doctor to just remove her breasts because of the pain and suffering they were causing her! HOLY CRAP.

If you decide to read the article about Sally, (and I think you should) be warned that it is totally NSFW. But in her article she goes into more detail about her life, her past drug addictions and abusive relationship. The interviewer asks Sally at one point how she mentally got through all of this. This is where I think we can all relate to her. She said “You know what, sometimes I didn’t. Sometimes I didn’t deal. And sometimes I did.”

The article goes into further detail about Sally and her life. It also gets further into her choice to start camming and her sex life. I don’t really need to repost this whole article so go over there and read it.

What I do want to say about Sally is….what.a.bad.ass.

Do I condone drug use? No, of course not and she says the same thing. Do I think being a cam girl is something for everyone? No but it is for some people and there is a lot of money to be made there. I think this girls has taken her lemons and turned them into lemonade spiked with Vodka. That’s my kind of lady.

I don’t think Sally is a role model you can show to your kids, but as an adult, look at her. She’s been where we all have been. In the grand scheme of things I’m sure most of us women would feel as though our entire womanhood was lost. I mean afterall without breasts and a vagina…are you still a woman? Well….Sally is. And not only that, she makes money on how sexy she still is, as a woman. You may not agree with her lifestyle or the choices shes made this far, but I think shes inspirational. If there was a spokesperson for confidence and self-esteem…its her.

So Sally if you’re out there…send me an email. I’d love to tell your story to the IBD community.