A while ago a great friend of mine wrote about my blog, in her blog because thats what blogging people do. However her blog is about her illustrations and it was about an illustration of one of my cute little mutts.

So I thought I would return the favor. I met Kirbi 2 years ago at Camp Oasis. We were both first year counselors and didn’t know anyone else at camp. It took some time for us to feel out the surroundings but it didn’t really take long for me to get that Kirbi was a girl I could hang with. She was significantly younger than me at the time, a wee 19, but honestly with the maturity of fucking Gandolf. Sorry I swore Kirbi. You probably can’t use this for press.

Anyway, Kirbi was diagnosed with Crohn’s when she was a kid, and has been through the ringer. Shes been on tons of meds, had a resection, etc etc. Shes no joke. But what I love most about Kirbi is her undying kindness. I swear she makes Mother Theresa look like a heartless bitch. (Sorry again.) Kirbi can take the most tender 8 year old who is home sick and turn her into an outgoing kid who has learned to be proud of herself in a short week. She always sees the good in people, and I have learned so much from her.

Attending Camp Oasis really changed my perspective on a lot of things. I didn’t really realize that was the catalyst until many months later, but Kirbi was apart of this huge attitude shift that I had. Kirbi and I share a love of art (although she is WAY better than I am), and we both adore being counselors for Oasis. She is someone I can fall out of touch with for a few weeks and then pick up the phone and just chat like its been a day since I’ve seen her. I am so incredibly lucky to have someone like her in my life, not only for her knowledge of IBD and our common interests but because she is a vital member of my personal support system.

I once said “Everyone needs a Kirbi in their life” and I really mean it. If you don’t have a Kirbi go find one. She’s so amazing and the best part about her is that she doesn’t realize how amazing she is. It is just who she is in her core.

Go check out Kirbi’s art, and commission her to do a huge amazing painting. Cause that would be cool and she would make you something mega bad ass.

Kirbi Fagan Illustrations