First I want to say that I suck at the wego prompts. I failed.

Anyway, I’m in the home stretch for school. 1 week left until the Summa Summa time!!

While living with multiple chronic illnesses I have learned to be super flexible and not really to plan for much or get my hopes up for too much. BUT something happened to me the other day. Something super mega awesome.

There is a chance that the job I have through school now may turn into a full time position after I graduate. Which is totes rad. Should that happen there is a possibility that I will have the opportunity to speak at a conference next year because of this job. And get this, this conference…is in Ireland.

So when I heard this guess what I did. Got super excited, reminded myself to reread Angela’s Ashes, and started to research whiskey. Guess what I did not do? Worry. There was zero concern about traveling and I didn’t even think about being afraid of it until a day later. And even then I wasn’t afraid, but I was happy that I wasn’t afraid. You guys, I am contemplating international travel and my jpouch wasn’t even a factor.

That’s when I realized I’m not sick anymore. Sure I’ll always be sick, but that’s when I realized my mind wasn’t sick anymore. Factoring in accommodations for my illness wasn’t a concern. Fear of bathroom situations wasn’t a concern. Being across the giant pond from my surgeon wasn’t a concern. I am confident in my body and its abilities to keep up with me and live my life. I have stopped waiting for it to give out on me again. Sure I may not get this job, and I may not go to Ireland, but this realization is more exciting than that disappointment would be.

And that, my friends, is pretty cool.