Well its official. I bit the bullet. Holy crap.

I joined Team Challenge

I’m only mildly freaking out. Mostly I’m super pumped. During the info meeting there was a video that was shown and I got all emotional because that’s what I do. But I am so excited to do this. I am terrified of raising $3,700! Holy shit balls!

Also…I am not asking you all to donate to me. I try my best not to ask sick people to donate to sick people. Seems unfair. But I’m also not going to turn down your money. So I’m posting the link to my fundraising page here. I will not be posting this frequently because that’s annoying. I hope that perhaps I can work out a fundraiser for you guys where you get something out of it too. Suggestions?! Until then…thanks for being loyal readers. And thank you in advance for all the support I know you’ll give me as I blog about how hard training is!

Donate here: http://www.active.com/donate/MichLV12/JackieZ